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File: 1688940283733.jpg -(1918133 B, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1918133 No.3698  

And this one was done before I got there, but I was allowed to have it anyway. I think it is by an otter named Uno

>> No.3699  

Ah whoops, this was supposed to be in the general thread. Must've accidentally posted in on its own

>> No.3700  

That's alright it deserves its own thread anyway!

>> No.3708  

>>3700 I don't believe in the whole "everything in one thread" thing tbh. This totally should be a thread, just like the sea otter stealing surfboards story. And >>118 should just be a place to say hi

>> No.3711  

You know, you're absolutely right. I just posted in the general thread because I didn't know if this was a big enough deal to make its own thread, but now I wish that I had put it all in its own place from the start. Oh well, learning experience for next time. :hiding:

>> No.3714  

S'alright, we all had enjoyed it regardless :feelsgood: you live and you learn, as otters do