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File: 1614213600429.jpg -(742033 B, 2048x1365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
742033 No.92  

I don't just like otters because they're cute. Lots of things are cute. Otters are more than that. Things like cuteness and beauty only touch the eyes. Otters however, touch your heart. There's just something about them that I can't describe, it's as if they are life in its purest form. It's as if if you opened a dictionary to look up the definition of "life", you could just find a picture of otters.

>> No.410  

To think about and appreciate otters in terms of their appearance is a primal human behaviour that limits our ability to experience the animal at hand.
I think otters have a very special secret formula, a secret ingredient that other creatures don't have. It goes like this:
Appearance + behaviour = animal
Appearance + behaviour + O = otter
where O is the otter factor, the big secret we are trying to get behind. Finding O is the big math problem we wanna solve here.

>> No.420  


>Finding O is the big math problem we wanna solve here.

Agreed. I was working on some basic equations along these lines the other night:

O = MC^2

O = Otteriness
M = Mega
C = Cuteness

Although, as has been discussed in other threads, C could also represent Cleverness or basically any other C word other than cuck.

>> No.426  

>>420 Doesn't M stand for Mustelid

>> No.427  

>>426 ?

>> No.463  

Probably, like C, M must be a variable constant. Many Meanings applicable. Like a binary system alternates between 1 and 0, the various factors contributing to O (C & M) must fluctuate between states (this is how the otter generates both raw power and its unique charisma). Except, as we have demonstrated in the case of 'C', with an Otter it is not merely a binary system - not merely 'cute' or 'clever', but rather many modes are contained within each otter including cuddly and cheeky. Like the otter itself, the "constants" are constantly morphing to remain in peak harmonics with the river system.

>> No.464  

This is the case except in quantum otters which can have multiple states at the same time.

>> No.465  

>>464 I do suppose quantum physics can explain otters very well

>> No.477  

Thats when it gets really good

>> No.478  

It was only when I took a deep dive into Quantum physics that I truly began to understand otters and what makes them so special.

>> No.1072  

Please share your discoveries with us otter anon.