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File: 1614184727641.jpg -(270487 B, 818x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
270487 No.87  

Most zoos are closed due to the pandemic so we haven't been able to visit our otters for a long time. How are you holding up during these tough times?
I really miss my otters. I wanna go back and watch them play around again, it makes me so happy. But I've been deprived of that by this stupid virus for months now.

>> No.91  

I'm fine as long as otters are fine.

>> No.272  

At least we have virtual otters.

>> No.860  

Still holding up okay, just gotta keep on keeping on.

>> No.864  

Hope you feel better otternon.

>> No.1938  

Lonely time still isn't over...