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File: 1619360002435.jpg -(225092 B, 614x529) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
225092 No.807  

My fine fellows,

our annual otter movie night is to return at the end of next month, God willing. We shall enjoy a rewatch of the classic otter film Ring of Bright Water along with perhaps some fun educational otter videos.

We meet on May 26th at 9PM CET at our usual location: https://cytu.be/r/ottercine

Make sure to tell your friends. Looking forward to a good time!

>> No.808  

Something to look forward to.
Sounds like a plan!

>> No.812  

Alright! I can’t wait for movie night!

>> No.828  
File: 1619520172884.jpg -(61164 B, 640x582) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.829  
File: 1619526442665.jpg -(8430 B, 201x251) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>May 26th

That's after my exam week! Alright!

>> No.830  

Good luck anon!

>> No.831  



Would it be possible to push that back by maybe 15 minutes? That’s right when I get off work and I’d rather be able to get home before it starts. I get it if not though.

>> No.832  

>>831 We'll just begin slowly

>> No.839  

>>831 At least you'll be there for most of the action

>> No.870  

Back up it goes
Remember, last wednesday of the month everybody!

>> No.940  

One week left!!

>> No.961  

Can't wait!
Otter dates <3

>> No.972  

Get ready for tomorrow Otternons!

>> No.973  

How did your exams go ottanon?

>> No.976  

Today is our happy day otterbros!

>> No.989  

Hi Otterbros, haven't seen you chaps in quite a while. So, the big day is here. I'll try to watch along with you, a little over 3 hours away now is that right?

>> No.993  

>>989 2 hours now

>> No.994  
File: 1622050632561.gif -(459246 B, 220x193) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>976 >>993


Otters all over the world are so happy they're dancing.

>> No.995  

Just over an hour left!

>> No.1002  

Thanks OP I enjoyed that movie.

>Mij is ded
>Long live Mij!
>> No.1008  

That was super fun. What's the next one gonna be?

>> No.1011  

I think that here was some conversation about having another stream on Sea Otter Day, but I dont know if that was ever decided on

>> No.1019  

Sea Otter Awareness Week is the last week of September. I will inform you guys when I decide on a date and time. Of course the owner of Ottercine may also decide to host a stream.

I think someone posted a playlist of otter dosumentaries in the chat, right? Does anybody still have the link?

>> No.1021  

>>1019 It was called "otter 501" or something. I'm sure you can find it.

>> No.1027  

Is it possible to go back and look at an archived version of the stream?

>> No.1028  

>>1027 Uhh, I don't believe that exists.

>> No.1030  

Exactly, so I don’t think that you could go back and look at the documentaries posted in the chat . Right?

>> No.1031  

>>1027 >>1028 >>1030
I guess you can never step in the same Ottercine twice.
We'll just have to do it all over again.

>> No.1388  

>>1002 Yep. I watch otter movies for the plot.