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File: 1671174756375.jpg -(33999 B, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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After a long and fulfilling life, Bishan Mum passed away peacefully last night. Otter watchers noticed her deteriorating condition in the past week, as she distanced herself from her family to spend her last days alone. Yesterday, she chose a holt as her resting place, which she never came back out. Bishan Mum will be remembered, as will Bishan Dad, who passed a few years ago. They were among the most famous and inspiring otters of our time.

(Source ottercity)

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Oh no, that's so sad! I'm gonna miss Bishan Mum, she was such an important part of bringing back otters in Singapore, what with all the babies that she had. Still, at least she went in a peaceful way. :(

>> No.3301  

She did have a lot of babies, IIRC it was over 40. She really left a great legacy