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File: 1664207480699.jpg -(125290 B, 1024x642) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
125290 No.3049  

So during the otter congress last week there was a thread where people discussed their favorite thing about otters. What's your favorite thing about otters, Otterchat? Mine is just how skilled they are. They're so agile, amazing hunters, masters of stealth, great parents. Do the talents of an otter ever cease?

>> No.3050  

Excellent question, and not easy to answer. I think it's the elegance and sublimity of everything they do, combined with their relaxed, curious attitude. Otters are animals that are at peace with themselves and their surroundings while at the same time dying to learn more about everything.

>> No.3051  

As has been said, this is difficult to answer exactly. Of course otters are cute, which was an initial reason for my interest in them, but as I've grown to understand more about them, the importance that they have on their ecosystem has a beauty in and of itself. And the ease that they display within their ecosystem has such a natural beauty to it. And otter never tries harder than he has to, and always has time for play and fun

>> No.3054  

I'm fond of how sleek they look

>> No.3056  

I love their adorable faces

>> No.3057  

I also just love the way they are formed