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File: 1614910560945.jpg -(40699 B, 450x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
40699 No.282  

I am unclear on what is otter. Conflicting reports have left anon confused.
Perhaps Anon can enlighten me. What is Otter to (You)?

>> No.283  

sometimes otters seem to have somecrisis of identity.
please to tell me.. how to tell what is otter and what not otter?
What is otter purpose? otter meaning?

>> No.285  

What are you confused about?
Otter = long wet weasel.

>> No.286  

Not to mention they are BIG. the biggest mustelids.

>> No.296  


>Not to mention they are BIG. the biggest mustelids.

Nope, that's the Wolverine.
Fishers are also bigger than otters.
However, otters are both the cutest and the coolest.
Cute, cool, totally badass and radiating a divine glow of oneness with the Tao.
That's how you tell it's an Otter.

>> No.300  

Otters are magnificence incarnate. Wherever an otter may be, so too is there opulence and grandeur, fit for a king of the wilds such as His Majesty the Otter

>> No.302  

nope, sorry! Giant otters are longer, and sea otters are heavier. Otters win again.

>> No.307  

Wolverines only grow up to 110 centimeters long. Even Eurasian Otters can be longer.

>> No.308  

I stand corrected. Happy to be wrong on that count. Otters reign supreme!

>> No.317  

This board is all about trying to understand otters. How do you explain to somebody what an otter is? And how do you become acquainted with them, through the five senses that we have?
Is seeing an otter enough to know what it is? Do you need to hear it? Smell it? Feel it?
But you can't get too close. You'll scare it away. The otter is not generous with itself. So how do you approach it? What about captive ones? They are more acquainted to us but a big part of their essence has been taken from them. The real wild otters, we can only observe from a distance.
I think that's what this board is about and that's what we are trying to do here, just close that distance even just a little.

>> No.319  

How can we know otters when we don't even know ourselves?

>> No.322  

Sometimes when I try to tell people about otters, they tell me they don't even exist! No, they say, it's impossible for something so cute and cuddly to be savage and fiersome too. I try to explain what Otter is, and how it operates, how cool it is and how important to the whole ecosystem, but they just tell me I'm imagining thing.
But thanks to boards like this I have the strength to stand my ground for the True Reality of Otters.

But it brings up some deep philiosophiacal points I think. If I am the only one that saw the otter, does it make that otter siting less real? If I can tell - through experienced observation of the environment - that Otter is nearby, but others do not have the same knowledge of the terrain, does that mean that I am crazy, or that they are blind? and, given the elusive nature of the otter and the likelihood of it staying hidden, the presence or absence of otter cannot be either proven nor disproven.
Under such circumstances, how does one discern truth?

>> No.358  
File: 1615847274797.png -(11476 B, 648x467) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Everything made more sense to me after I learned about the Otter Cycle.
Maybe this graphic will help you understand.

>> No.418  
File: 1616163643553.png -(339101 B, 1879x1358) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The real cycle of civilization

>> No.444  

Perhaps the difficulty in approaching wild otters comes from the fact they're in the same class as us. We are both on top of the food chain, apex predators. They just don't wanna deal with us! If we were all a bunch of carp we'd have an easier time. The otters would come to us and we'd even get to see them from inside!

>> No.750  
File: 1618429014427.gif -(4243634 B, 445x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

These are very true. Otters always makes me smile :)

>> No.759  

>>750 now there's a romp of otters.

>> No.763  

Synchronised otting.

>> No.764  

>>763 When an otter discovers something fun other otters are bound to join in.

>> No.767  


>If I am the only one that saw the otter, does it make that otter siting less real?

It is immaterial whether one is aware of the otter or not, because it can be said with certainty that in any case, the otter is aware of itself. The otter knows where it is at all times. Because the fact of the otter is established already within the otter's consciousness itself, otter is noticeably present in objective reality.
Further, even if otter is not noticed directly, one can still discern the effects of otter upon an area. This includes finding otter tracks which shows that an area has been affected by an otter.

>> No.775  

Now that's what I call a Romp!