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File: 1652188265333.jpg -(279203 B, 1200x629) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
279203 No.2499  

If you are not aware of the Bishan and Marina otter families from Singapore, I highly encourage you to look into it. My SO and I were searching for footage of otters being cute when we found this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75Q1qVFYJkk
learning about these two families, their way of living, and the wars they fight in entertained us both greatly. I love otters and I love otterchat.net. I hope this will pique your interest as much as it did mine. Have a good day wherever you are my otter-loving frens.

>> No.2500  

Thanks for sharing this! There's a lot to know about these families, I think their stories are fascinating (and often very dramatic). There are several of these families by the way, each with its own unique backstory.

>> No.2654  
File: 1654688908711.jpg -(117906 B, 959x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's a map of all the different families' territories as of 2020

>> No.2660  

Man, this kind of stuff is cool. Nature really is amazing, and otters are the most amazing part of it.

>> No.2691  

I remember watching something about Singapore's attempts to encourage otters to move in, and I'm glad to see it seems to be successful. Good for people, good for otters.

>> No.3612  

Apparently Zouk family is now taking over Bishan family territories with a final battle speculated to happen soon
Bishan family has become weak since they lost Bishan Mum, and Zouk has started their campaign against them

>> No.3615  

I had been wondering if some of the neighbors would move in after I saw news of her death. I'm interested to see how the new territory maps look after the dust settles.