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File: 1645132101764.jpg -(116356 B, 1100x660) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
116356 No.2244  

Let's discuss ways how to spend our lives with otters
Which path should you choose if you want to help otters the most? Working at a zoo, or in research, or as a vet, or ... ? There are a lot of possibilities.

Does anyone here have experience working in these fields? It seems they all have upsides and upsides
Working at a zoo you get to be with otters all day (and other animals)
Working in research you get to uncover groundbreaking otter knowledge
Working as a vet you get to help sick and injured otters get better

What are other ways you can work for otters?

>> No.2245  

There's always a way to use your skills for otters, no matter what field you're in. It doesn't matter that much what background you have as long as you are determined enough.

>> No.2300  

Working at a zoo is a dream job for many, but then ends up disappointing since what you're mostly doing is cleaning up animal's business all day. And soon, you will smell like them. If that's no issue for you, then it's probably the easiest path toward working with wild animals.

>>2245 passion is indeed everything, passion and persistence.

>> No.2339  
File: 1648203413108.png -(290888 B, 878x1023) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Above all you've got to stay focussed

>> No.2342  

You just gotta keep your eyes on the prize

>> No.2748  

>>2300 Getting a job at a zoo is really hard, at least around here there are hundreds of applicants for every position that opens. Being an otter scientist is also not easy, but seems like the most rewarding otter career to me

>> No.2759  
File: 1656509380302.jpg -(2698059 B, 3000x1959) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>tfw don't live in a country with an otter population

If I did I would look into volunteering for a charity. I'm not a vet but shit if someone 200 miles away said they found an otter cub in their garden I could pick it up for the charity.

If I had bigger balls I'd make a career out of hunting down poachers in SEA

>> No.2760  

That makes me think. Are there any remote Otter jobs, for those of us who don't live near otters?

>> No.2950  

Charities sometimes have volunteer openings for work in the media space, where you could work remotely editing content and stuff.

>> No.3142  

I don't even know how one can go the poacher hunting route
how do you even get hired

>> No.3143  
File: 1669562155619.jpg -(150347 B, 960x591) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You'd have to become a ranger in one of the anti-poaching units in sub-saharan Africa. These guys are mainly focused on protecting rhinos and elephants from poachers in what's known as the Rhino War. You'll go through military-style training to fight poaching gangs and wildlife traffickers, well-funded organized criminals who have access to armored vehicles, helicopters and modern weapons, which they can pay for by smuggling ivory to Asia. You on the other hand will need to make do, you're much more restricted both by laws (can't wear camouflage in some African countries, not allowed to shoot first, etc) and your budget, which means you're getting an AK47 with two magazines. Then they send you to the African jungle where you'll patrol for several days, sleeping in a hammock and surviving off bugs on the floor.

You can join them as a volunteer, but you usually need to be at least a permanent resident of the country where they operate or else they can't give you a gun. Pic is from one of the better-known ones. I'm not aware of such units existing in the SEA region, though it would be great if we could intervene against otter poaching. Imagine if the poachers came to get the baby otters but got a bloody nose instead. Don't know what needs to happen for that to be possible, but I'm sure it is.