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File: 1634218636358.jpg -(107214 B, 720x1017) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
107214 No.1906  


>> No.1908  

My favorite literature

>> No.1910  

My kind of review. Thank you, Paul!

>> No.1912  
>IOSF by the numbers
  • 18 Languages available for the IOSF video
  • 21 Number of countries represented at IOSF workshops
  • 28 Years of helping otters worldwide
  • 47 Number of countries where we have helped cubs or injured otters
  • 60+ countries took part in the IOSF Webinar for World Otter Day
  • 64 Number of countries we have supporters
  • 69 Number of countries where we have supported projects
  • 167 Number of cubs or injured otters abroad that we have helped
  • 230 Number of cubs and injured otters we have treated at our Skye hospital
  • 300+ people signed up for the IOSF Webinar for World Otter Day
  • 139,000+ supporters worldwide

Loving this. Very strong Otter numbers.

>> No.1926  


>139,000+ supporters

But my lord, there is no such force!

>> No.1929  

A vigorous force of determined people around the globe. This is our time.